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New Millenium Musings

Diane Nagorka photoBe at peace with yourself and understand that within yourself you have a reservoir of light, which not only will answer your questions, but will give you a sense of peace and upliftment. As you work, with yourself, and within yourself, simultaneously put out your hands to help and to serve others. A channel that is only churning within itself, soon turns upon itself, working within a vacuum and finds itself going nowhere. Put out your thoughts, your thoughts of healing and your thoughts of love. Put out your hands and serve lovingly all of those who walk with you, who surround you and whose lives are entwined with yours. As you put out your hand to serve so are you served.


Rev. Diane S. Nagorka, Ph.D.
Available for spiritual consultations
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Q & A

graphic What is the secret of success?

Know you are not alone!


Meditation Thought for the Week

Bless those who share your life


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Say thanks to those who share your life.asterisks

Pets in tune

pets photoAnimals need appropriate living space, food, shelter, and love. The greatest of these is love!




"A man becomes the song he sings."

Pat O'Brien