Personal development and metaphysical classes are offered by Rev. Diane S. Nagorka, Ph.D, subject to enrollment. Classes, when scheduled, meet once a week for approximately six weeks.   The following classes are available:

Psychic Development & Meditation

The psychic development circle offers you the opportunity to develop and focus your intuition through guided meditations and group practice.  Relaxation and visualization are our starting points.  We always work within a spiritual context, using meditation to build a bridge to the invisible worlds.

Metaphysical Potpourri

Learn about the many different aspects of the metaphysical field by exploring a different topic each week.  Some of the areas of exploration are aura viewing, dreams, body language, hand analysis, scrying, psychometry, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediums, guides, prophecy, trance, precognition, psychokenisis, Tarot reading.


Introduction to Kabbalah.  God's plan for humanity from the very beginning of creation up to and including Biblical references.

Kabbalistic Tarot

Kabbalah, the Ancient Wisdom, and Tarot, the Royal Road, are brought together leading us to the Garden of Light.  There we find answers to questions long unspoken.

The Tarot has been called the Royal Road because it is a linear presentation of a spiral path,  emanating from the Holy One and ultimately returning to the Source of all Life.

Kabbalah is a progressive system of creation—again beginning and culminating at the Source.  Kabbalah gives us the steps—Tarot the paths from step to step.

These lessons give practical meaning to the mystical teachings.  Through study, meditations and color, you can open the door to positive, often dramatic changes.

In the classes we will open the Tree of Life, unravel some of the mysteries and understand their relationship to us thus empowering us to live each day more fully. 

Tarot for Divination

Soup to nuts — You will receive instruction which will enable you to deal and interpret the cards, to read for yourself or for someone else knowledgeably, and to use the Tarot as a tool of healing.

Hand Analysis

Learn the ancient art of hand analysis!  This informative class will provide you with all the basic information you need to give an inspired and informative palm reading.  Rev. Diane, will guide you through classes full of hand reading lore and offer you a scientific approach to hand analysis.  Participants will have the opportunity to analyze their own hands.


Please call 302-537-2392 for class availability, location and class registration information.